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Floyd Mays does much more for your business than providing you tow truck insurance

He attends, advises and lobbies for your business

“What can I say, we've been customers with Floyd Mays Insurance Agency for three years and they are a very top notch company. They are prompt with the responses that they give and are personable, they make you feel like you're a part of their family. If there was an Oscar award for "best insurance agency," Floyd Mays deserves the Oscar!”

—Bonita Omps, Brian Omps Towing & Repair, LLC

Towing & Recovery is a very unique business

Your customers call on you when they are in a distressed and possibly dangerous situation. They depend on you to have the knowledge and equipment to tow their vehicle away quickly and safely. Isn’t that the relationship you want with your insurance agent? Someone you can depend on, with the knowledge, experience and tools to take care of you with a simple phone call?

Towing is a dangerous business where anything can happen at anytime.

Floyd Mays knows more about insuring the tow truck industry than anyone in the state. We know the coverage you need to protect yourself from unique situations that arise everyday in your business.

What you don’t know can hurt you financially

We take the time to educate you on the specific insurance needs for tow trucks. When asked for an evaluation of a company’s current coverage we often find they are too heavy on some coverage and too light on others. So many insurance agents don’t have the experience or the patience to analyze the specific needs of your industry and policy.

Call us. It's free and pressure free.

Give us a call. We’ll be happy to talk to you about your insurance needs and to offer you a free evaluation of your current policy. We don’t use or need high pressure tactics. Once you give us a call and talk to us for a few minutes you’ll realize we are the experts in tow truck insurance, we don't have an agenda and the health of your business is our biggest concern.

They need an expert.

You need an expert.

“Get it right the first time”

auto transport

Since 1977 we've been serving commercial towing services and auto repair services, we understand inside and out the insurance needs and requirements for auto haulers and commercial truck and trailer operators. With the government regulations constantly changing, it’s important that you can depend on your agent to keep you informed and help you to stay in compliance. Floyd Mays is here to keep you rolling and save you money from unnecessary tickets and delays.

keep rolling!

We all want convenience and fast service

convenient store

If your business is primarily the retail sale of gasoline and related products, as well as sales of grocery items, dairy products or delicatessen/cooking type services, you have a range of coverage issues to consider when choosing your coverage. You need an agent that is experienced in insuring the convenient store industry; not only to save you money but also to make sure you’re covered in all areas of your organization.

Considerations for Convenience Stores

Below are types of insurance you may need for your convenience store operation:

  • Property Coverage for buildings, contents, and loss of income.
  • Comprehensive Liability Coverage, including product liability
  • Liquor Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage for:
    • Food spoilage
    • Power interruption
    • Money and other securities, such as lottery tickets
    • Non-owned automobiles
    • Signage Fire
    • Incidental liability
    • Employee dishonesty
    • Landscaping